Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hotel :The Grand, Daegu City 22 October 2016

After we came down from Seokguram Grotto we reached the car park which has a beautiful view

 hehe.."car park also take photo"...but the view is nice, you agree?
Wonderful trees and beautiful colours of autumn.
 After all the rushing by the tour guide who tried to time everything so as to be able to squeeze in the day's itinerary, we still found we had no time to cover the wine tunnel which is a beautiful tourist destination of  Daegu for a day visit: Cheongdo's Persimmon Wine Tunnel and we were to sample a glass of persimmon wine each too, which we had to miss. I was also told that the wine tunnel was previously a railway tunnel, converted into a storage cellar for wine, such resourceful people they are, the Koreans, and also how they are able to turn it into a tourist spot too!
 You can see why: by the time we had  our descent in the van (such a long and winding road down) that it was already dark!
 Our guide then took us walking on Dongseongno  Street to look for dinner for us.
And that was how we got to try this gigantic bowl of stewed chicken with noodles underneath which I had posted earlier:
After dinner we walked around Daegu City Centre heading for our hotel

 Dongseongno  Street was quite "happening", with flash dancing and lots of shopping
 However we were tired with all those earlier climbing of the paths and steps to Bulguk Temple and the grotto, not to mention our domestic flight from Jeju Island. So, we reached our hotel, below.
 The Grand 
 quirky decor in the lobby

 quite an unusual design for a lobby.

Miae checked in for us and we got our card soon
 So nice, two beds for us to sleep comfortably and the room  was quite spacious too

 errr, just some posing here and there: my side of the bed kwa......
 hehe.....the bathroom.....not luxurious but functional and practical...good enough for him!  (I like luxurious)
 Next morning: breakfast!

 good array of Korean and western choices 


 My choice: salmon sashimi with capers and assortment of meat and veggies
 his choice: always, always croissant, sausages, bacon toast  (later) and butter!

 I went back for seawood soup and tofu miso soup!!!
We are now ready for the day's tour!

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