Saturday, March 4, 2017

Leaving Jeju for Busan : Bulguk Temple.

On Wed 21 October 2016 we took a domestic flight back to Busan after returning our rented car.

We deaprted Jeju at 12.00 noon KE1994 Korean Air 
Good security at the airport!
comfortable ride

and we arrived Gimhae 12,55 pm.

 we are now waiting for our "meet and greet" chinese speaking but Korean tour guide

We found that we are her only guests and so now we have a personal guide, a van and a driver!!! 
 she has bought us so much food to eat on the van because she is rushing us to cover the sights for today.
 rice wrapped in sweet beancurd skin and below you can see her rummaging in her bags for more food!

 kim bap 
stuffed buns!!!! Too much, really for all of us!
She wasted no time in taking us to this temple Gyeongju Bulguksa 

Search Results

Bulguksa Temple (Unesco World Heritage

You can see from the pamphlet how huge the temple complex is and how many places we needed to go to complete the tour of the all the National Treasures of the temple!

 We had to walk up to the temple but we enjoyed our walk because the tree-lined slopes were lovely!

 Also we stopped every so often to take pics of the breathtaking scenery!

 Can you believe such scenes like this?
Finally we reached the temple: built in the 8th Century, it houses 2 pagodas and encompasses 7 national treasures.
This is the biggest picture we could take of the temple, it is really much bigger than this!
Bulguksa became famous as one of the few surviving examples of Silla architecture. "

This is one of the many ancient house, containing the national Treasures
Miae the tour guide has diligently prepared notes to tell us all about the treasures, but alas, I could understand only half of what she explains, while hubby dear understood none, being fully English educated.
 You can see how ancient the roof tiles are but how solid and lasting too.
Really intricate and ornate detailed eaves of ceilings and roofs
Some of the replicas of the roofs for sale as donation
 After visiting Bulguk Temple, we had to walk down the mountain slopes again 
and the van took us down the rest of the slope to the Seokguram Grotto.

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