Saturday, March 29, 2014


Amidst all the controvery surrounding MH370 and the missing jet with 200 odd passengers, we flew to Beijing last week as we had already booked our holiday since last year.....Our flight of course has been changed to MH318..The original was also MH370.....

Dep: 00:35
Arr: 06:30

And these are the places we visited.......Phew!!!!!

Drive to Badaling -  Great Wall (includes Cable Car ride)
(approx 2.5 hours

Ming Dynasty Tombs
- 13 Ming Dynasty Emperors

2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium - the Bird's Nest
50 yuan/person additional)

2008 Beijing National Aquatics Center - "Water Cube" - national Olympic Swimming Cente
30 yuan /person additional)

798 Art District Zone (Dashanzi Art District)

Temple of Heaven  (packages, approx 1.5 hours)

Hutong Tour Tri-bicycle touring
Huangchenggen Ruins Park or (Shichahai Bar Street) 

Prince Gong's (GongWangFu) Mansion
 & Garden

 Dazhalan Dazhalan Block 

Qianmen Pedestrian street

Bell Tower

Drum Tower

Liulichang Culture Street
(Outside Beijing)

Glass Cultural Street

Tiananmen Square
(approx 40 minutes)

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

 Summer Palace
 First Royal Garden
(approx 2 hours)

optional Empress waterways cruise-)

Bridge at the Summer Palace....I ran over and posed at the top of the bridge.....a tiny speck indeed!!!

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