Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eve Green's unquenchable bloodlust in show-stopping outfits

"Killing is not good," says Green. "But this part is so mad. When you play someone like this, you have to have some jubilation in it. She is a psychopath!!!
She even had a scene involving kissing a dismembered head!

But mainly it's Green's Artemisia, the revenge-obsessed head of the Persian Navy, who truly steps to the fore with an unquenchable bloodlust — and some show-stopping outfits.
The outfits go from the formidable to the downright scary, including a vest made of human hair (with matching hair wrist bands). "Some of these outfits are bonkers," says Green. "I love them."

Here she wears a vest made of braided hair.  One has to wonder if human hair was voluntarily shed to create her braided vest and armbands.

She rocks a black gown with a bronze fabric center panel laced to the bodice.  Black chains adorn her cao sleeves. General Artaphernes sails with her.

You've got to look the part to command the attention of tough guys! And Eva Green does.
Artemisia (EVA GREEN) dresses the part of the warrior in a bronze breastplate, mesh sleeves and bronze cuffs, and girded for battle with leather strips and skirting.
Long slits are a feature in Artemisia's skirts, providing plenty of room to lunge in battle with Tehistokles (Sullivan Stapleton)

She fancies leather in almost all of her outfits. Here she dons a leather breast plate with bronze collarbone trim and ribbing.  Her leather girdle also features bronze teeth-like spikes.
the teeth-like spikes

Green suffered through frequent costume changes on long shoots on a hot Bulgarian soundstage and endured the frequent wardrobe malfunction. One of her leather outfits came with stunning dinosaur-like spikes sticking out of the back, the perfect ensemble for a climactic fight with the Greek general Themistokles

While the spikes look great onscreen, Green says her hair often got caught in them during her vigorous double-handed sword-work. "It was comedic," she adds.

Taking a break in the outfit during the long shoot days was tough as well. "You couldn't lie down on your back," says Green. "You had to lie on your stomach like some sort of weird animal."
But there were some perks.
"It's fun to be the only fully dressed one around all of those near-naked guys," she says. "And they were the ones who had to wax and get the fake tans."

Artemisia has revenge in her heart, and black is her color of choice.  Studded leather strips wrap around the bodice and accent the sleeves and front flap of this gown Leather arm braces protect her arms.
Artemisia protects her bow arm with bronze chain mesh while she sports an intricate bronze ear cuff, General Artaphermes (Ben Turner) looks on at left

Woven black leather strips, check! Metal studs..check! Artemisia considers the situation...

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