Monday, March 31, 2014

Qianmen Street by Night

This pedestrian is so near our hotel that we just walked round the corner and there it is...Qianmen Street

We are going to have our last dinner here

 We have been here before and now we are here again, the night before we will be back in Malay land
 The street as seen from the second floor....some renovations are still ongoing and I suppose if I do come here again, there will be new things to see and shop
 we are in the restaurant for our hot pot dinner
 lovely Mongolian steamboat that still uses charcoal as its source of fuel
 after dinner, we went back to this curio shop to buy our laswt souvenirs, each of us got ourselves a cloisone bracelet at 10 yuan, black for me, white for J and Li Leng had a pink one earlier
 Qianmen Street by night, cool and pleasant for a stroll, and makan makan
 we posed under the lanterns that reminded me of days of old 

 the other end of the street...they were shooting laser lights too as in the picture below
she is striking an Eqytian pose because her friends back home are having an IU day with and Egytian theme
 at the side roads parallel to the main road, lots of treet food were available too, but no scorpions though
Bye Qianmen Street, we went back to the hotel early with a packet of Cup Mee from 7/11 for a night cap later in the night.

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