Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hampshire Place

  • Hampshire Place

  • Address: 157 Hampshire No 1, Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450 
    Phone:03-2283 2266

  • Wilayah Persekutuan, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

  • Today I want to show you my pictures of Hampshire Place

    Hampshire Place Office comprises of office and limited retail components in a 30-storey corporate office tower with an approximately 220,000 sq. ft

     Developed by Tan & Tan Developments , Hampshire Place, is a low-density condominum located at Jalan Mayang Sari, and is a mere five minute drive from KLCC.
     Luxurious residential residing within the KLCC vicinity along
     Persiaran Hampshire developed by Tan & Tan

     Hampshire Place is the place for a retreat to a private sanctuary, within spaces that you can truly call your own

     The function room where we had our International Women's Day has glass doors on all 4 sides. with views of the pool, the hanging beds and the gym.
     the lift lobby

     tranquil pools of water reflecting trees where you can reflect on the day's activities..note the absence of floating leaves, because I noted a barrage of gardeners and tenders and minders looking hot and bothered because they were really doing their job, and they are not from DBKL
     deck chairs that looked so inviting can contemplate and ruminate here while life exuberates
     well tended and well minded, no fallen leaves and nary a twig in sight
     I found it hard to concentrate on what Hubert is talking because the pool was calling me...come, come...dive in!
     some Mat Sallehs were cooling their bods in the water, but I politely did not take their picture
     I have a pertinent question to does one access the inviting suspended beds?
     do we take a sampan there? Or do we wade in the water to get to the beds? Or slimply glide across the room and plonk down on the beds of suspended animation?
     what if our feet get wet? can we step on the pristine sheets with our wet feet? And then how do we get off?
     another suspended divan near the lift shaft
     it faces a zen like garden with a minimalistic look
     stark, stony and parched, it has a slab of stone with water spouting from the middle
    can you see the water spout?

     I felt suddenly nomadic and definitely a camel drawn to the watering hole lest it become but a mirage

    then I spied colourful koi fishes darting away...and water that looked crystal clear, the minders have done a good job again: there was no debris or floating flotsam and jetsam among the rocks that looked so neated arranged and contrived....and so I left this place, with a feeling of  deep longing and   a vast emptiness inside (don't mind me..just being melodramatic)

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