Thursday, March 6, 2014

Movie Date: 300: Rise of An Empire @ Premium-X Cinemas One City — at One City USJ 25.

300: Rise of An Empire Wednesday 5 March 2014 

Tonight is my movie date night

 thanks to Premium X cinema and TUPAI

Venue is at One City, USJ, have you been to One City? We have not even heard of it!!!

 this is the place, a huge sprawling metropolis
 glass and chrome facade and a multitude of office space
 Lots of unoccupied lots too, due to a lack of publicity and no forthcoming promotion
 Premuim X cinema is impressive with 12 screens and boasts hi-tech and sophisticated decor

 One City is touted to be the EVER HAPPENING CITY with Garden Shoppe, Sky Park and The Place
 we had dinner at Melon..curry mee
 mee mamak!
 cool cosy and cute

 nice, right? Join me!
 Seize your glory, shed your blood, let your heads roll, splash your blood across the screen!
 the cinema chairs had puul out arm rests like those in lecture theatres
 fully leathered (faux leather I hope) upholstered seats
 my movie tickets, guess what, I watched the movie with my eyes closed at the head rolling parts
my selfie will not get 3 million re-tweets but I love it

 this movie is rated 18

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