Monday, March 17, 2014

Monkeys of Kuala Selangor

We took Steve to the Kuala Selangor Taman Malawati Park to meet the monkeys.

There are at least three species here, among them the silver leaf monkey

Silver leaf monkeys are also known as silvered langurs. There are quite a number of leaf monkey specie in tropical zones around the world and Bukit Melawati (Melawati Hill) is home for this particular species scientifically known as Trachypithecus cristatus of sub-family Cercopithecidae.

looking regal, bored and without a care in the world
furry, large of built always wear a whimsical and melancholic look, it sizes you up in a single gaze and return a vacant stare
loving and motherly, she  cuddles her  young and brings up one baby at a time, giving it her undivided devoation
"Another unique characteristic of these langurs is that their infants spot a bright orange colour that will last for about three months before their silvery grey colours begin to become dominant. I got the chance to catch a glimpse of a new-born infant in such contrasting colour clinging to its mother."

following mommy everywhere
this one just plonks himself right in the middle of the asphalt
while this one thinks nothing of barbed wires
others treat high tension wires as their playground
and I mean really high
yet others stay close to mom, this is  a different specie
while many others enjoy the company of humans
and hop onto the shoulders of tourists for better photo apportunity...."c'mon take my selfie!!!"

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Sue Lin said...

U take pix of them until so nice!