Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day 2014 Celebration at Hampshire

" International Women's Day 2014.

IWA members and friends gathered in 
Hamplshire Place to celebrate IWD on 7th
 March, 2014. 30 ladies were treated with 
program consisting of interesting talk on 
Women Around The World, quiz, anti-
presentation, a little lesson of Feng Shui 
and Reiki and Meditation session. Lunch of 
Russian/C.Asian cuisine was served and 
was very much liked"
This is the lovely Hampshire place.

"We are celebrating International Women’s Day one day early this year. Please join us 
for a light-hearted program featuring 
beauty tips, relaxation techniques, a talk on 
the history of International Women’s Day, 
and a quiz with prizes, of course. A 
delicious lunch of Russian, Kazakhstani 
and central Asian food will be served in 
honor of our esteemed president’s heritage, 
and yes, there will be blinis and caviar!"

 Hubert from Caudalie giving a talk
 caudalie is cosmetics made from the vineyard of France
at every table there was a nice Caudalie mini bucket with grapes
 the parts of the grapes that are discarded (seed, stem stalk) are what is used to make Caudalie skincare
range of Caudalie skin care
me with Neeta and Azra
 my today was Russian and Kazakhstani !!

                    Blinis with caviar - how more Russian it can be?                           
 I had to take blinis with jam and CAVIAR!!! (tasted like cod liver oil though)

salmon caviar
 fresh garden russian salad

                                 Celebration cake "Napoleon"                              
                          Tatyana with the Napoleon                
                                       Oven baked samsa
                                      Uzbek manti
please look out the glass windows where 

these international ladies are sitting........

what a view!!! suspended day beds with 

drapes..they look so inviting!!!!

all the international

 I had gone to the ladies....

                 so here's my selfie.......hehehe!!!

Happy International Women's Day!!!


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