Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Community Service Project

At last I had a free morning to take part in a Community Service Project, in this case the 2020 Vision or giving of free prescription glasses to pupils.

Banner advertising the project

 It is ably done by Rina who saw it through by identifying the school, getting the needy pupils, having their eyes checked by an optemetrist and now, the glasses are ready for distirbution.
she has to sort them out according to their names and classes
Alan came and gave out the spectacles
 then the Headmistress came and she put on a show of wearing the glasses on the girls besides presenting them with the glasses! Before that, she was no where in sight!
the students benefitting from the scheme
me giving them a talk on how to maximise the use of the specs and reminding them to treasure the gifts and reap the benefits of the generosity of the club.
This is not a welcoming buffet, it is actually the canteen!

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