Friday, March 21, 2014

Soon Lee Restoran Dinner

This is our second time at Kopitiam Soon Lee

 Son treated the 2 Ss to dinner

 at Restoran Soon Lee in Seri Kembangan
I love this place because the food is superb!
 delicious and roasted to perfection: Roast Lamb (RM28.80)
 Deep fried crunchy fish with just a hint of pan-fried soya sauce...(RM34)

 Creamy flavourful salted egg prawns (RM45)
 yau mak (crispy vegetables with a liberal sprinkling of dried prawns) (RM12)
 our dishes...almost complete...service was quick and prompt!!
 the shop's specialty...foil wrapped rice wine steamed chicken with tons of shredded ginger and sliced garlic and some chilies for spiciness (RM38)
 when we opened the foil, the steam emanated with such force that it misted up the camera lens..!
 and I got this picture....

much to his amusement!!!!
I thought I had taken a picture of the steam but he showed me the lens and convinced me it was the misty lens that gave the above effect!!!
For those who can read Chinese here is our bill...

 Chrysanthemum Tea was RM12, Rice was RM10.50 plus a "small rice" for 80 sen, towels were returned and cancelled and peanuts was RM2.50.
More expensive than the last time, about 80 ringgit more?
Last year's bill for nearly the same dishes, minus the roast lamb.

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