Saturday, March 15, 2014

Full Moon Party

This group is very supportive and turns up in full force for their members' function...this time it is for the full moon of Beh's daughter
under the tent at the garden of Beh's house in BK9
Francis and his wife, Alan, me, James and ....

red eggs symbolises full moon in Chinese rituals

the NZ lamb from Steven, this time the price has gone up to 1000 ringgit

 I arrived late and the party was in progress
 Rin and her daughter Sara
 such a devoted mum
 food catered by local caterer
mee hoon, fried rice, prawn sambal, fish cake salted egg yolk roll, lamb, mixed vegetables, fruits and drinks

 James with the proud father
 Trista and Evonne
 Evonne has reached full moon according to chinese calendar

 President and first lady also came

as I said, we give full support to our members' functions....and there are many more to come!

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