Saturday, April 9, 2016

2 Funerals

Within a space of a month, I attended 2 funerals of relatives.  On 7 March, from Alor Star my husband drove me straight to Batu Pahat to attend my sister-in-law's mother funeral, carrying the same luggage that I had used in Alor Star.

She was a remarkable lady whose husband died fairly young and she single handedly brought up 7 children by herself.
She had 6 sons and an only daughter (my brother's wife.) One of  her sons died last year (the name is boxed) his wife, a Vietnamese also died a few years back (her vietnamese name is boxed too)  another son left the family without a trace, one had severe depression and one became a monk: see picture below
Bante U Sobhana Citta 

 Sons, daughter, and son in law wear white while grandchildren wear blue, and great grandchild wear green.
The only one in green.
Me and my only brother...well we are also ageing too hehe...

 My grandniece with spectacles who lost both her father and her vietnamese mom.

 Breakfast is offered before the picture will be put on the hearse.
Last prayers and procession
 Last respects 
 Her son-in-law
Her son

 Last viewing of the body in the  coffin.
 On the way to the burial grounds and crematorium 

 Coffin is relayed to the furnace.
And the door will close on the coffin.
 A chapter of life is closed too.

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