Friday, April 8, 2016

Batu Pahat Bak Kut Teh

After Chien's mother's funeral we went for a meal together: my bro and his three sons and daughter, Chien's sister in law and her sons (nephews) me, Kiat, Terry and Millie.

This is the Bak Kut Teh shop. "Kedai Makanan Hock Chew"
It is situated along this road "Jalan Teh Kim Peow"
 The interior of the shop is functional, with stacks of clay pots and stove with burning fire (the wok hei the chinese are very fond of)

 We have two tables, one of the kids and the other of the adults.  They are still in their funeral garb, usually before leaving families are asked to change to normal clothes, but this time, no.

 We are all waiting for our lunch!
 She has finished making our order and you can see our 2 claypots on top of the intense fire!

 This is the boss, he gets the Chinese herbs for the bak kut teh from my bro's shop and he charges us quite exorbitantly the last time we patronised his shop!
 We are now tucking into the soup and meat and rice and yum yum yummy!!!!

 Look at all the goodies: side dishes that look too good!!!

 I love to eat in Batu Pahat, because the experience is quite different, here I feel more relaxed and unhurried and get to enjoy my food more, really, Let me show you our food one by one.

 tu kah (pig trotters) chinese crullers/yau char kwai, kiam chai or stewed salted vegetables.

 all these go with plain steamed white rice 
or yam rice (sorry my hand shook)
 it all goes with chinese newspaper, chinese tea, Samsung Galaxie S5
 close up of the super soft stewed kiam chye

 the pot of steaming bak kut teh with tau pok, fu chok , pork ribs and pork legs 

 yummylicious, scrumptious and piping hot!!!

 We did justice to all the food, The bill came to more than RM250 for the 2 tables.
hmmmmmm satisfied and full look from all of us!

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