Tuesday, April 26, 2016

District Training 2016 23 April 2016

Attended this Distas and had to give the previous night's dinner a miss due to another funeral wake. Last year I did not attend an(only the dinner) and my first Distas was in 2014 at Seremban Royale Bintang.
this is the advertorial for the Distas, and I put it here for my own future reference.

The Training Assembly had a packed and full day programme

Here we are at 8.30 in the morning, all ready to register

Alan already got our tags for us
we went for the wrong function ! It was meant for doctors at a medical expo, but we ate anyway, and Alan is seen here on a pre breakfast hyper mode.
At the opening gambit, the centre girl will be our incoming president and Jenny will be the President elect after her.

Opening address by the current DG

 And opening remarks by the incoming DG

 It was quite well attended and awfully formal with jackets and suits
Can you spot me here? 
And here?
 Then we went for our individual training sessions, I chose Public Image, although I was outgoing, because reporting and being general dogsbody interested me.

Hmm, interesting info on Nisha that you don't get on mainstream news and last I heard, she was showered with even more awards.

 My job as Public Image Director, :promoting my club, but I will soon be outgoing,,my new job is Vocational Director.
This club boosted their public image by having a highly visual bus stop but sad to say within the next few months the whole things got plastered over with Ah Long's stickers!!!!!
 Lunch break!!! It was a generous buffet at Emperor and hmmm...ambience was great!
for example you have to walk over a cute bridge to get your food and I saw Tiffany with only fruits! her way of keeping trim? Not me, I piled my plates with carbs and sinful goodies.
Bonding with Tiff and Anthony over lunch

And was happy to meet Lily, ex President of BU club.
 The Discon will have a Back to school theme and there were cut out standees for some photo fun

 Why is there a head prefect at the Distas? 
 hehe, it is our incoming prez, and she is dressed in her daughter's prefect uniform!

There will also be a black tie and gowned dinner at the discon.
 Lim's momento for his part in the Distas. He is the incoming AG
 Bye!!! See you next Distas, and more upcoming: the Discon!

These are the two events that I did not attend: Pets Sets Tets Training and Graduation Dinner.

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