Monday, April 11, 2016

Reunion dinner for Soo at Medifoods

My old, old friend Soo came from Hawaii (where she stays) and we had a makan makan for her at Medifoods Lifestyle Cafe.  I have not seen her since the days when she visited me while my eldest was still a tiny tot!

 nice facade..unique and non restaurant feel
 just like your home
 guest of honour hasn't arrived so we mucked about
 organice food for sale, but these oldies aren't for sale.

 There she is!  with her local sister whom she depends on to bring all over KL since she has been too long away!

 We started ordering first, and I had this fish head because I love spicy food

 Soo's sister had the Carrot juice and I was quite famished so I wanted a "food" drink and I had the lassi (banana and cashew nut)

 Our drinks came first...and the presentation was weird, and the carrot juice was actually too little, I shoud think!

 My lassi was generous and I felt generous in passing it down for! all to try

 yummy! Dutch mushroom fried ramen with vegetables 
 yummy yummy! sweet and sour pork with rice

 soup..ABC soup maybe
 rice for assam fish head
 assam fish head

 Hawaiian pizza for the Hawaiian girl
 from the other end to get Yuet and Rich in

 our hot drink...passion fruit served in tiny glasses!
more food!!! rainbow salad and fried vermicelli! 
Verdict of this place:
(5 yums)

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