Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Restoran Crocodile Farm Seafood Village Treat

Next to Dorsett Grand Subang there is a placid lake.  Our incoming president gave us a treat here for attending the Distas.

Restoran Crocodile Farm Seafood Village is a misnomer as theydo not serve crocodile meat, and there are certainly no crocs in the pond.
This is how the restaurant looks like....there are ample parking places nearby

the entrance

the tables...not very well patronised although it is a saturday night
great view of the high rise condos..

and I could also see Holiday Villa Subang where my nephew works
 Alan is taking photos
and this is his shot.
food is served

pardon my shiny face, we had a full day seminar and I was tired and loathed to re do my face and make up..anyway this is our dinner group.

the most expensive fish I have ever eaten: RM200+ which jacks up the bill to RM400

Alan says my photo skill is not good so here are his pics of the food:

signature dish tofu
steamed grouper, by the weight and market price
crunchy beans
assorted meat platter
Thanks Prez (incoming) for the yummilicious dinner!!

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