Sunday, April 3, 2016

IU Day of Rotaract Club of UNMC

Last Sunday 30 March 3016 we attended this:


Look at our happy faces: we got a ride to Broga in this wonderful van:
We are so excited to be headed towards the University of Nottingham!! I have not been there before!

(The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is an overseas campus of the University of Nottingham. The university is situated in Semenyih, Selangor, a town part of Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.)

Look at the picture below (pic courtesy of its website) how 

fantastic and huge the campus is!!

When we reached, there was this at the entrance to the room
Real banana trees in pots with its fronds draped over the door entrance gave a decidedly Indian feel
 The theme is "Passage Through India"

We excitedly took pictures with the rotaractors who were dressed beautifully in saris!
Once again, this time we needed to get the banana leaves in!!
Can you see her sari? Richly ornate and sparkly too.
with William Beh, many of us came to support this event.
The stage with the theme.
there were dance performances
 and of course a fashion parade featuring Indian traditional costumes

Our vice president Alan giving his address.

This is tall and beautiful Divya Dhyana(Miss Universe Malaysia 1st Runner Up and Medical Student) giving a speech of 
empowerment of women and feminism
Kaameshaa (Oh My English and law student)further 

consolidated Divya's stand on feminism and how females in

 Malaysian outght to be treated fairly and equally without 


 March babies celebrated their birthdays during the dinner of authentic Indian Food.

 Such a wonderful and enjoyable night, we came away with a better  understanding of Indian culture and the rights of women in Malaysia.

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