Sunday, April 10, 2016

2nd Funeral

This is the second beloved and only aunt in Kuala Lumpur passed away at 73.

My aunt was beautiful, like my mom.
she is blessed with 7 grand daughters, two show here.
I went to her wake every night 

Her 3 daughters, 1 daughter-in-law and 7 grandaughters

Her son is in front. Everybody wears white t shirt with black pants.
standing at the road for the burning of effigies and joss papers. 
facing relatives who pay their last respects
3rd day morning : hearse heading for the Shah Alam nirvana
3 sons-in-laws leading the hearse
the rest are all behind, sending her off on her final journey.
at the crematorium..coffin heads inside, while her daughters wail heartbreakingly
fire and smoke is simulated, it was so realistic, I thought it was real!
then they change into red and head for the canteen where we had a vegetarian lunch. 
this is our last Chinese New Year dinner and getogether with her and her family and my cousin James
My sister from Melbourne visited her for the last time when she was in KL in December 2015. By March 2016 she is gone. 
Her youngest daughter celebrated what was to be her last birthday.
Goodbye Aunt!!!

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