Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review of Neesya Skincare

Have you tried Neesya Whitening Skincare? Well, I am in the process of using this set:

 Set Pencerah Pelembap or Moisturing Whitening Set at RM169 an offer from the original price of RM242. Ainan Tasneem, singer, composer and Youtube sensation endorses Neesya.
In just 14 days you will see positive results with regular  and consistent use.

Neesya is marketed  under "Skinworkz" and targets million dollar sales in 45 Watsons stores nationwide

Chris Yong, CEO of Skinworkz at the product launch

 Neesya is suitable for all skin types and you need to follow a strict skincare regime like the above demonstration to achieve optimum results.
 Neesya has standalone counters in a Watsons store nearest to you. Get a set today to achieve the complexion you desire.
Well, I received my trial package in the mail recently and I was eager to give it a try. I had been in the sun lately due to my travels to hot countries especially Guilin in summer and my recent trip to Ko Samui, an island paradise. Coming home was no better, I had a Sekinchan padi field trip and a  heritage walking tour in Alor Star and my skin had a fair exposure to the blazing sun!!!
I opened the package to find a beautiful set of Nessya priced affordably at RM169, just for me to try!
 Sliding it out, I marvelled at the nifty packaging and its clear, clean lines.  A handy set for my beauty care!

  • Brightening Hydration Set, RSP RM169 (worth RM242 if bought separately)

    1. Set includes:
      1. Lumi° Brightening Gel Cleanser, RSP RM29 (excluding GST)
      2. Lumi Brightening Toner, RSP RM45 (excluding GST)
      3. LumiScience° Illuminating Essence, RSP RM99 (excluding GST)
      4. Lumi° Brightening Day Cream With SPF20, RSP RM69 (excluding GST)
     First off, I started with the Brightening Gel Cleanser, it is soap free, so there is no harsh soapy effect that leaves your skin taut and tight. Instead you feel clean and your skin feels soft and supple already!
    This silky cleanser helps prepare skin to receive maximum moisture and brightening effects of the Neesya skin care range by dissolving skin-dulling surface impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Formulated with Silver Vine Extract and Alpha-Melight ®, skin benefits from brightening effects even during essential cleansing, while extract of Hamamelis, Aloe and Vitamin B5 hydrate and soften skin

    • Pores are cleared of debris that clog active ingredients that clog skin
     Next I dabbed on some Brightening toner that instantly removes the last traces of cleanser and further smoothens my skin.
    This refreshing treatment toner contains anti-carbonylation and brightening properties from Silver Vine extract and Alpha-Melight™. Provides an anti-oxidant shield to help brighten and protect skin while Hammamelis and Aloe extract soothe, hydrate, soften and prepare the skin to receive the optimal benefits of the Neesya skin care range.
    --Apply after every cleansing to balance the skin pH and to maximise product absorption.
    --Saturate a cotton pad with toner smooth over face and neck.
     As a final step to my skincare routine with Neesya, I slather on Illuminating Essence and I am good to retire for the night, confident that my skin has nutrition to replenish itself before a I start a punishing new day.
    Visibly boosts skin luminosity with LumiScience°® Technology through a 360° approach. Skin regains its translucent appearance as skin is brightened, hydrated and protected against damaging free radicals and oxidative stress. Results: An illuminated and more even toned complexion.
    Key actives and functions: Silver Vine extract helps reduce the protein carbonylation levels and enhances skin transluscency.
    Alpha-­Melight™ helps fight dark spots, soothes and clarifies skin to optimize radiance and luminosity.

    Applied twice daily, fatigued, dull, uneven toned, dehydrated skin regains its glowing radiance.
     It smoothens, brightens, evens skin tone with LumiScience Technology and feels wonderfully light and easy to use.  I do not have the greasy feel that makes me afraid to put my cheek on my pillow, or if I need to work on my laptap, I do not have the heavy cream face that makes my break out in sweat.

    During the day time when I need to go out, I put a generous dollop of Brightening Day Cream with an SPF of 20 to shield my skin against the harmful rays of the sun and to arm myself against the ravages of the environment. 
    A skin brightening gel-cream that provides day time protection against environmental and oxidative stress.
    Formulated with Silver Vine Extract and AlphaMelight™, this brightening complex helps diminish skin discoloration and illuminate complexion. Broadspectrum sunscreen formula provides a shield against damaging UV rays while hyaluronic acid, sodium lactate and aloe extracts hydrate and smoothen skin, reducing the appearance of fine dehydration lines..
    It is a day time moisturiser, a balance enhancer with UV protection formulated with Sheer Vine extract to give you the "not wearing any moistuirser" feel yet you feel proctected and ready to face the sun and the world.
    --Smooth an even layer of Brightening Day Cream over the face and neck in smooth strokes
     The Neesya set has pride of place on my dressing table.
     Everyday I use it faithfully so I hope to see results as soon as possible! All other cosmetics have been relegated to the back seat to make way for Neesya so that I can gain easy access and not forget to use them!

     See my skin? this is a "before" picture.  It is dark, tanned, and pigmented from undue and prolonged exposure to the sun and going out unprotected by moisturiser and sunblock.My neck also has fine lines, and I will also be smothering it with Neesya essence too for better results.
     Illuminating essence for my complexion and neck.
    Brightening day cream before I go out.
    Very happy with my self sufficient set of Neesya and watch this space for the "after" pictures and results!!!
    Luminous and radiant skin will be mine soon!

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