Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jenny's 5th Anniversary Latin Sha La La Party

I love going to dance parties! I got to dress up, dance, eat, meet friends, have fun and take lots of photos!!!

on 17 April 2016 my first dance teacher in Puchong, Jenny (in blue) had her 5th anniversary party themed Latin Sha La La at Hee Lai Ton, Puchong. 

 hehe..and if you have a selfie stick, you suddenly  become popular!

I took one picture
then everyone came
and I mean everyone!

The dance list.
I wore my "flapper dress" as my daughter called it, as it was hanging in my closet since the day I bought it for a "tassel dress" party in Johor Bahru but could not go because Uncle Weng passed away in KL at that time. 
 Wow!! Look at how Penny dress up! 
Teacher gave us all tassel earrings and I got purple which matched my dress perfectly!

Wow!! how all the other girls try to outdo each other in their Latina sequinned, tassel and glittery dresses. 
 This is my second dance teacher (the one in the centre)...absolutely loved her outfit and boots, her dress had a peek a boo behind!
 But look!! My other teacher!  She had a daring pseudo see though side panel dress!

 Ooh la la! She has the oomph!
Back to the party organiser, she has a change of 3 outfits.
This is her first
her second outfit
 Her third.

 door gifts, pictures from Adeline


Jenny and all her students from Tempua and BK5, after our opening dance.

We had a good time!!

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