Friday, September 27, 2013

Coach 2013 Fall Winter Latest Footwear Launching Event

Attended Gardens Club Coach Footwear Launch Event at the Gardens
Mid Valley

They had some props for a photog session
 How's this?
Leopard print cape and matching bag
 Red short trench with red bag (belongs to a shopper...hahaha! the real Coach bag is behind me!)
 tartlets served on a Coach tray, how cool is that?
 prawn, tuna ach cheese mini open sandwiches
 mini cupcakes clogs
 yellow with pink flower
 red with ruby red flower
 orange with blue flower heels
I took home one of each, and my husband ate one!!! OMG!!!! He opened the fridge to search for mooncakes, finding none, he took one of them shoes....
 event is starting
 this girl brought a special glass of champagne for me at my request
 machine and paraphernalia for making initials on the socks for doorgifts
 more little bites were served
 meringue and caramel topped sweets
 Fall and Winter shoes, unfortunately we are in perpetual summer here
 Fall Winter garb
 this girl is getting ready for her shoot
 with her BFF
 they look like young Tai not need to work one day of their life
 my photoshoot printed for me
 which is better? red or animal print?
 gossip girls or sex in the city?
 smokin' fire engine traffic stopping red
 nude and neutrals for the chic rocker chick
 with mactching bags that look like Celine bags
 better view of the whole range for you to see
 the cape is dumped on the sofa like a cheap sale coat

 the girl who wore the cape, she had red towering heels and a red bag
 pristine pure white flowers, I am pantang, I love white flowers, but not for my house
 gorgeous killer heels 
 boots with animal print side panel bag
 nude pumps
 with the coach logo on the heel
 more shoes 
 crocodile print
 bags of socks waiting to be printed with initials
 my socks, pink and purple
 not easy to make, you need a computer and sewing machines
 packed into a red Coach pouch for you to take back
 shoe launch window display
 shoes hanging from cranes, creative or not?
 sponsored by Bazaar magazine
 Coach outlet at the Gardens
 closed for privated event

MK for me, a the hot pink for my daughter

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Sue Lin said...

If I am not mistaken my friend and her bf were there at the launch too! I saw her FB photo! Same background.

SO FUNNY! The way you said Papa ate one of the shoe cupcake! HAHAAHAHA. And u took 3 home! OMG! Hahahahahah Love my mommy n papa, miss u guys