Monday, September 30, 2013

Program Pecutan Akhir Dan Majlis Restu Ilmu

This is the backdrop for the Program Pecutan Akhir (Last minute sprint programme) for the PMR SPM and STPM students and the Majlis Restu Ilmu (Blessings for taking examination)

First, we had the usual assembly (National Anthem, songs, pledges, speeches)

I am seated far left
Then we stand on the stage and the students will stream past us to kiss our hands and cheeks and receive their blessings.
I am in a short skirt and a batik tunic with Tom Abang Saufi design, I like to stand out from the rest.
Extreme left is the Headmistress, PK 1 , Form 6 Co Ordinator, me and the rest of the teachers plus those off the stage.

here comes the form 3 students
3 pecks on the cheeks, muah, muah, muah!!!!

I love this pic! In the foreground is the Discipline Teacher and behind him are the Indian boys, who look like they belong to one of the much publicised Indian gangs of late, with the Discipline Teacher as their Secret Society Leader, except that these are some of the best Indian boys!!!!

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