Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sg Lembing Rainbow Waterfall

We visited Sg Lembing and went to Rainbow Waterfall again.
I have been there before with my family.
Please remind me not to go there again, because it is sheer
physical hard work getting there.
You have to get up at an unearthly hour, have breakfast and crawl into the jungle to get to the falls.

Breakfast at the food court: yong tauhu galore
then we had to take a bumpy one hour jeep ride through rugged terrain 
and dirt tracks deep into the jungle
It was exciting ride full of speed and thrills and jolts and bolts.

You are rewarded with spectacular sunrise like this...

wah.....a stream for you to cross!!!

so, we had to cross the was so early, the rope was not out yet, and this man practically led me through the whole length of the river!!!!
wah, can pose for photo some more!!!

then we had to trek over slippery outcrops like these
one false move and you slither into nothingness
and walk over streams like these

 we were given stick to help us cross the rough terrain

 some of the tracks were full of rocks!!
wow....our destination...rainbow valley ( bonus: fat half naked man)
I made it intact!

our intrepid group!

you can buy cup mee, our truck gave us free cups
so crowded! big group! so nice, cup mee never tasted so good!

going back time!
through dense jungle
and rocky treacherous boulders

 girl balancing rocks
 defying gravity rocks
 now the rope is up...easier to cross
 it is not as easy as it looks, the water can be quite deep in parts

you see May is very cautious and finds great difficulty in crossing the stream

 waiting to go back
 RM40 per person 2 way
 the locals make seasonal money ferrying passengers 

 Kenny from our group is a skillful driver
He drove us in his own Pajero
the roads are like this, very rough indeed
 our resort

 last year we stayed here: :Lembing View Resort
 Kenny is going to give his car a wash
 mud caked mud guards
 wheels that took a punishing
nice pic of Kenny washing his car before he took us back

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U went there again ar?