Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dinner at Kemaman, Malaysia Hotel 14 September 2013

After we checked in at the hotel Rocana,
we drove to Cherating for batik painting, but the bus driver could not find it.
Could it be this factory? We had a hard time finding it then, too!
We drove from 4 to 7 so we had to forego our batik trip 
and headed to Kemaman for dinner as scheduled.

The street where our dinner venue Malaysia Restaurant is situated.

Our bus also could not find Malaysia Restaurant, so we walked there..

 Just as well, the night scene was breathtakingly surreal and beautifully colourful, pics by Jan
It was 7.30 and the promenade was bathed in a colourful pre night glow
(this is taken with Jan's Iphone 5)
 my teacher, Jenny, this is taken with my Iphone 4

Can I upgrade my phone to iphone 5, lo kong dear?

cutie Joey
we reached our restaurant: MALAYSIA, the cleanest restaurant!

first dish...
sambal squid: excellent, everyone loved it!


 signature chillie sauce with crackling bits inside, Jan kept eating it plain

 crab carapace for the baked crabs
 chef making the stuffed crabs
 crabs stuffed before being covered with egg white skin and baked
 famous stuffed crabs of Kemaman

 tom yam chicken breasts
 signature fried tahu crisps
 Jan's treat: fish balls and yong tau hu
 fish back stage
to make sure all are in the pic, this customer at the next table was roped in to take out photo

Here we are! All the members of our bus to Kuantan!

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