Monday, December 9, 2013

11th Unity Christmas Line Dance Party

Before I fly off to Melbourne for my niece's wedding
I managed to attend a Line Dance Party organised by the PJ Utara Dance Council.

It was held at the Puay Chai chinese primary school..
I was very impressed by the huge building, well maintained facilities and pristine walls and furniture, fixtures.
No sign of vandalism or graffiti anywhere!!!

and the super clean toilets!!!! sparkling clean basins!
spotless! Dry!! Beautiful! With a fan always blowing!
(This is the men's) hahaha!

this is Jenny Wong's group and we came out in identical shirts to support her!

 as usual, we posed for pics!
 Jenny Lee, me, Kit Shum and Chun
 Jenny wong and Irene Yong who used to teach line dance
 the backdrop
 from Linda's group: Chong and Irene

others wore red, green and white...Christmas colours
and goofed among the colourful balloons

Sim, my teacher too!
Linda, also my  teacher!!! hahaha I dance everynight
and I have three teachers!!!
The dance list!

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