Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day Late Luncg

It is Christmas day and everybody is quiet/quieltly sleeping after the revelry last night

 when little daughter has got up from her sleep-in, we went for a late lunch at Pizza Hut, Giant Kinrara branch
 I wanted to use up my gift voucher that expires on December 31st 2013
only RM50 ringgit so we had to choose carefully!

 Prawn Olio Spaghetti for RM12.50...verdict not so nice, prawn was buried under the noodle and I could not taste any garlic or extra virgin oil (best Olio was in Forgasse, Pandan Perdana)
 Roasted Sesame Tempura King Prawn Spaghetti for also RM12.50...also not nice, tempura prawns were soggy and not so "King" 
 Smoked Deli Wings //two add ons for Rm6.50 any chicken wing

 Apple Crumble (Add-on) for RM7.50....good: piping hot and crusty
 she eats so much but is still too thin and looks like a 10 year old in size!!

my last year as teacher co-ordinator for Star NIE?
enjoy my free meal while I can!!
she also had pepperoni personal pan pizza with a voucher

 our bill, with soup (add-on) RM3.80, drinks :coffee for RM3.20 and Twister Apple for RM4.20 which came up to RM55.10 plus my lunch cost me RM13.90....not exactly a totally free lunch!
Merry Christmas!!!
Graphic from Jojo Cupcakes.

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