Friday, December 20, 2013

Tea Ceremony

The customary tea ceremony was held after the garden refreshments.

Father and bride of the groom started off the rituals.

Red, the auspicious colour for the chinese tea ceremony
 gifts for the bride
 chunky twisted knot (symbolising eternal love) golden chain
 pandas, teddies make for cutesy wedding props
 cuddly and eyeless his and hers teddy bears
 Vicky's flower girl basket sans rose petals, and her bouquet
 diamond studded cross from Tomei Jeweller

with flask of sweetened dates tea to pour
 diamond pendant from Lazo Diamond, my gift
 sweet heart diamond pendant by Wah Chan from Millie

Tan gives the jewellery box
 Tan's relatives
Tun Suan's brother, Lee
 Mother and Father of the bride
 the Tai Kam Cheh is Caroline!!!

 Me and Millie sit together because our spouses are not here
(2nd Ah Yee and 3rd Ah Yee)

 I take time in between sips to grin for the camera!!!

 Small Ah Yee's turn with David

 Love and Hugs
 Bear Hug from Tun
Big Sis and Andrew

 2nd Sis and Sandy with little Finn

 the young nieces and nephews next

 Kiss from Zeph

Zene, Laeti and Ryan

Hugs from mom-in-law

She is the happiest mom-in-law!!!
Everything has gone smoothly thus far!

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