Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meeting Of the Parents

Wow!!! What is this momentous occasion? 

Ely in the foreground is about to witness together with all of us , a special occasion

I am ready with my arsenal of camera and iPhone .. Uncle Roger is in tenterhooks ... 

He and his wife my sister will meet their in laws to be for the first time
Tun Suan with Andrew and his family .. He is introduced to everyone from Reen's side
Bride and her parents
This us the line up of 2 sets of parents and the bride and groom.,.they are meeting for the first time
David Ely and Catoline the hosts welcome the guests

It was a success! Everything went smoothly..  Caroline's house was tastefully tidy, the guests were genial and broke the ice .. Our initial nerves were dispelled and we relaxed and adjourned to Golden Pebbles for further discussion of impending nuptials over dim sum and yum cha! 


Ryan said...

aiya I missed it!

MK Loo said...

Yes!!! you missed it!!! It was so exciting and a nail-bitingly, highly anticipated event!!