Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Day of Jakarta Trip 27 November 2013

On 27 November, we got up bright and early looking for breakfast
in and around Mangga Dua area and found....NOTHING!!!
All shut!!!!
 Everything was still closed, there was no 24 hour mamak nor were there any early morning wanton mee stalls to be found.   All stores at the Mangga Dua complex opened the earliest at 10, some at 11, in tandem with the opening of the shops at Mangga Dua. 
 So Alan bought us lots of buns and bread for us to share
 we had our drinks from JCo, which was fortunately early enough to serve at least coffee

 coffee, doughnuts and buns could tide us over until lunch before we set off for the airport

 Lotus opened at 10, but the boss was not around to star operations, even though all the workers were already waiting for the door to be opened.  Bad boss.
 Workers and customers waiting outside the massage parlour.
 Dirt Cheap....foot reflexology for Rp30,000 which was around 9 or 10 ringgit, and you had to tip the masseuse more than what you pay for the service...(which I did no know)
 so, we went around shopping, and found this saucy contraption
 fun for taking photos!
 Steven also cannot resist it
 this is my surly burly masseuse!!!!
 He's washing my feet with cold water at the tap, before we go to the reclining chair, (I had to sit first for a back massage, followed by head and scalp, and shoulder and hands....thought it was foot reflexology? all for 10 ringgit?) After it was over, I dug around and gave him my Rp5 and 10 thousand notes, which he laughed!  He said RM10...which was the price of the massage, but he accepted what I could find though....
 Then we met up for lunch at Imperial Duck next to the hotel
 wish I had Bak mie or bakso or whatever hawker food we could find, instead of chinese food
 so difficult for everyone to be on time
 cruet set
 long beans with dried prawns.....a dish you can find easily in Malaysia, wish I had Jakarta food
 fried sotong, bok choy and vermicelli

 babysotong on vermicelli
 claypot paikuat/spare ribs
 our hosts came with two MPVs, one for our luggage and another for us humans!
so nice right, he and the other hosts sent us right to the airport and helped us with our luggage.
 after checking in and boarding, we went to the premium Citibank lounge ...buffet spread!
 lots of delicious food, we tucked in!
 ice cream, pancakes, local delights and spaghetti, porridge too!
 Alan at Soekarna Hatta airport
 He took this without flash
 and with flash
 nice, wood featured airport
 with unique lamps
 KLM has the oldest air hostesses I have ever met
 She even needed help to close the overhead cabin hatches  because she claimed she does not have the strength to push them shut and does not want to risk pulling a muscle
 I saw this nice show on board "This Beautiful Life starring Shu Qi and Ye Liu but time did not permit the running of the full show, I must download it or buy the pirate VCD to find out the ending.
 my food, rice and chicken ok, but dessert and vegetables were not, and I continued the red wine at home..still drinking it!!! Lovely.
 plane had to do cartwheels round Seremban because there was no place to land...Finally after a short delay, we found ourselves HOME!!!!

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