Monday, December 23, 2013

PMR Results Day 19 December 2013

Nail biting moment....
waiting for her results!!!
PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah)
 what if she doesn't get straight A's?
 what if she misses by one or two subjects?
  what if? 
what if?
 This school is ranked 7th of all the schools in the Federal Territory, (after premier schools, residential schools and controlled schools)
 results can be collected after 10.30 at the skylight
 congratulations to the students who obtain straight As PMR (2013
 74 obtained straight As
the school has a GPS of 1.62
 with her bff before the results....
 crowds of parents, students and relatives are milling around in the skylight
 waiting for 10.30
 an announcement is being made
congratulations to the winners.....
(what about those who got 6As or 5As..or less???
don't they get any congratulatory mention?)

teacher is holding her results and keeping her in suspense

her results......
she is dumbfounded, gob-smacked and lost for words

 all these kids are achievers
 subdued and quietly happy
 a jump for jubilation
now not so subdued and noisily happy
 more kids join, more winners
 so happy! btw this is the last PMR

Mothers and daughters
we are like twins.

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