Friday, December 27, 2013

Aupres Christmas Pampering Treats

 While my husband took my daughter for her classes, I took the opportunity to indulge myself in some free pampering treats! Sponsored by Aupres it was held on 21 December 2013 at Parkson Pavillion

 Flyer of the Aupres event
 Venue was wat the Personal Shopper Room...I love this place for its spacious and luxurious fitting rooms
 I was given all these treats: I started with a hand massage, a flash manicure, ultrasound facial and makeover and finally a Tarot card reading which stumped me with its uncanny coincidences.

 From Aupres Facebook : Customers enjoying hand massage at Aupres Christmas Pampering Treats.

Also from the Facebook:  Aupres Christmas Pampering Treats at Personal Shopper Room, Parkson Pavilion.

I saw her taking the above shot...

 these are now my pictures...I loved the roses
 not so crowded and I got undivided attention!

 such beautiful flowers, I had to take a close up

 my hand pampering lotion and cream
 nice furniture at the personal shopper room

 every side table had Aupres products and a mini floral arrangement of the same theme

 my side table with my food given to me by the waiters

 delectable mini bites, the sandwich roll was good, so was the mini tartlet
  Light refreshments from Zang Toi's West Avenue Cafe was served.

 unfortunately you cannot have seconds because the waiters will serve you only ONE ROUND!!! hahaha

 the table set-up with the waiters who never stopped refilling my ice lemon tea glass

 I loved the hand massage, she concentrated on each digit
 and massaged every finger and my palms
 then I had an ultra sound facial with a soothing
 these are for sale
awesome cosmetic portable station
 time for my mini makeover
 so many palettes, blushers, and brushes and what have you....
 from the Aupres line

 my lucky draw prize : full sized blusher

 my door gift

when you open it, there is a section of facial cotton and sachets for you to try

Lastly, I had Tarot reading which warrant a post by itself....stay tuned.

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