Saturday, February 8, 2014

15 Most Haunted Places in the World No 14 is THE WHOLE OF SINGAPORE!!!

#14. Singapore

Ok, I know Singapore is an entire country, but I was reading about some pretty disturbing stuff that goes on around there. Considered Asia’s most haunted city, Singapore is home to many locations that register high numbers in paranormal activity. Strange lights glitter through Hougang School near East Coast Beach and one ghost actually goes around slapping people at the Changi Beach House. Near the coast at Lor Halus, ghosts of the poor beg for food and money along the streets. Many years ago at the Bedok Tenant House, a ghost apparently killed a resident and now the woman is herself a screaming ghost who disturbs the residents at the Hou Gang Tenements. In the Fort Sentosa district, the Punggol White House is haunted by a whole family who committed suicide together, while headless apparitions terrorize passengers as they pass through certain MRT mass transit stations in the city. As you can see Singapore has a slew of hauntings that are ceaseless in their disturbance to the living.
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even scarier are the comments: hahaha!!!!

Natalie Thompson-Hirst
Yeah I stayed in room 202 abd she played with my balls, very scary.....

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