Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Day at the Fish Spa

I did not know that fish spa exists only in Malaysia until
I found out from Brad, the exchange teacher.
When my niece came visiting from Melbourne, 
that was the first thing she wanted to try, so we brought her!

Video of working fish!

Located at Sunway Pyramid,
Dr. Fish Spa

 how the interior looks like

RM40 for adults and RM20 for children

We we given free footcare demo by Foot master

 What is she peering at? She is piqued by the fishes devouring the poor foot!
 look at the gigantic fishes! What if they turn out to be piranhas??
 they look absolutely voracious and avaricious!!!
 at the fish spa, the fish are supposed to gently massage your feet by nibbling at them and suck away the dead skin...ewwww!!!
 A funny thing happened!  Little girl walked over and joined her dad, fishes promptly left Dad to go towards her.
 Now they have swum from dad and surrounded girl!
 then, they found that girl's feet were too clean (she had been at the other tank for quite some time)
 so they went back to dad!!! Or maybe dad had juicier dead skins?
 hahaha!!! now her side is devoid of any fishes!!! They have all left her to go back to daddy!

 see? How clean and exfoliated her feet are?

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