Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ryzie's birthday today...

It is Ryzie's birthday today.
And it seems like only yesterday that I did a post of baby photos for his mum as in those days there was no sharing of photos via social network and she did not see some of the pictures.
and neither did Ryzie himself, as he was too young!!

Now it his birthday again, so here comes the next installment...
Super cute and precocious, he looks dapper in his chinaman oreintal silk satin mandarin collar jacket with matching pants; sparklers in hand, all ready for CNY.  He is a handful, this is the only photo I manage to get, and I had to chase him for it!!!

Shy and hiding behind his mum, and guess what? she is now heavily pregnant with her second!!!
At the funeral of maternal grandfather, he is carried by his dad, and dodges me, the cameraman  cameraperson.
All the cousins are posing for photos, and look! he is running away, and has to be caught by his mum to stand in line.
It is now 1999 and he is now three.
His sister is born.
What is going through his mind? His sister sleeps on blissfully as he contemplates his future because, while his place of being the first born son is firmly ensconced, his place of being the only child is now usurped by the newcomer.
Family portrait with the new addition

As usual good news is shared by everyone, and the attention has shifted!

At his sister's full moon party
You can see he is his father's son as he strikes the same pose as his dad
Family outing at Johore Bahru apartment, with the then maid.

He is growing up, cheeky and with a slight rebellious streak
But still remains cute, sweet and the handsome devil that he is
 Picture moments: being blasted with a giant soap bubble for a gimmicky shoot
Before being cocooned by the bubble
More new babies : Jenn born before his sister
 At Michelle's apartment in Singapore
New baby Zene

CNY outing at Orchard Road

Ramen treat from Lynn after we brought her on a trip to Europe

 hahaha!!! A quizzical look from Ryzie, he is now "blossoming" as dashing as ever, even with food in his mouth!

 Happy memories...his parents are hosting a grand barbecue for all of us in the backyard of JB home

Everybody is growing up
 Good news? His mum is expecting his No 2 sister!!!!

 Hahaha!!!! Sister No 2 is here!!!! At a picnic in Batu Pahat

 BYEEEEE!!!!! The next post is same time next year!!!!!


Ryan said...

Wow! Thank you for this post! So many memories that I have forgotten...

Sue Lin said...

All so cute and small!