Saturday, February 8, 2014

Playing with fire on CNY

When my kids were little, hubby used to buy these by the boxes...

Harmless, permitted 
(fireworks and firecrackers are banned in Malayisa)
and lots of FUN!!!
You pelt the pop pop on the cement floor and it goes
POP POP!!! of course!!

If we go to Batu Pahat, the kids get to play with these...
haha!!! what an assortment!!
I remembered way back when we were young, I was aghast when I found out
that my only brother had spent a princely sum buying a stash of fire crackers like these..
he had to hide them, because he will get a clout on the head by my parents if they found out!!

Now that he is grown with children of his own, he buys them for the kids (his and ours), 
not the boys buy for themselves, surreptiously, with their own money, like he did, so long ago....

his niece, Irene
his nephew, Ivan
Laeti and Irene

My daughter and my nieces

 Now, these look harmless but they pack  a big KAPOW!!

It is called Happy BOOM!!!
Not child's play I can assure you..see video below
Happy kids from Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur!!!

Priceless memories for the young
 and young at heart!!

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