Monday, February 24, 2014

Durian feast for the Indons

 After city tour in the morning and shopping at KLCC, we took the Indons for a durian feast at the famous

 and no wonder!  it costs the earth!!!

cost of one durian
cost of 3 or 4 durians and coconuts

the break down...

this young coconut drink costs in excess of RM4 

 the species of durians available...DG chose the most expensive and the most delicious
 Here's DG with her fluent Mandarin and Cantonese ordering "Butter creamy Musang King"
 coconut drinks to cool down first

DG Eva brought the durians for them to savour
 each one can only take one first, she says
 hmmm...the best!!!
 finger licking good! Each person had only one or two

only about 4 or 5, but at exorbitant prices
 President Kusnardi opening another one : this costs RM63
 all done!!!!

 Now, we must drink salt water from the shell!

 dunking salt onto the half-shell (sounds like Mutant Ninja Turtle's half shell)
 DG Eva sys this is the way to dissolve the salt, while posing and making sure I took a good shot of her
 then you drink it like this (TAKE MY PHOTO!!!)
 Rio also tries as Eva says!!!

Now they are going back to the hotel, we have another programme for them tonight!

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