Monday, February 10, 2014

Buta Ramen - Eat Like a Boss!!!

Look at all of us!!!!
25 strong!!!
All related!!!

And we invaded Sandy's Buta Ramen outlet!!!
We have finished eating and we are giving the thumbs up!

We are at the front of the Buta Ramen in anticipation of the yummylicious ramen ahead!
We also pose inside the shop as the lunch crowd had dissipated
Sandy designed and conceptualised everything: from 
the menu, the food, facade

 and logo of the shop!:

(cutesy porky sporting a bandana holding a bowl of noodles)
here wearing a Santa hat because it was Christmas when the photo was taken.

 he sourced for the decor peices locally and in Japan
with functional furnishings that suit the brusqueness of the lunchtime brood
 Why his boss ribs are the boss? It is all spelt out here...

Every bowl of ramen is served with fall-off-the-bone Yakitori-glazed Pork Ribs
 (We loved the pork ribs so much we call it Boss Ribs!)
with his secret recipe and giveaway prices , it is no wonder you can eat like a boss!

Here is my sis at work in the kitchen
(The only place in Singapore where you can get tender Pork Ribs with your ramen.)
she will be producing steaming bowls of Ramen for us...
 (Our ribs are slow-cooked over 24-hours until the meat falls off the bone. We then glaze it with Yakitori sauce and char it over an open-flame. The boss of all ramen!)


The first bowl of Ramen, served by the Boss himself!
With the aproval of his beautiful wife.

emerging with his creation:
8 hours of painstakingly brewed soup
(Hakata-style ramen with a creamy-white eight-hour Tonkotsu broth )

A beaming Sandy bearing his labour of love to us..
Each serving of Buta Ramen comes with Chasiu or Pork Ribs, topped with Nori (Japanese seaweed), Menma (Japanese-style pickled Bamboo Shoots) and

 Ajitsuke Tamago (a beautifully cooked soft-boiled egg) and freshly-sliced leek.
 Darren..slurping in full earnest
 Ivan, ready to attack but let his mum take photo first
Handsome Daniel beaming happily with his ramen
Beautiful sis takes selfie with Ramen
 Smart and clever Aussie niece will take home delicious Ramen memories
her glamourous mum and equally glam auntie and their bowls of ramen, waiting for me to finish photo shoot
 my niece, a culinary expert herself
 me!! with my spicy ramen, Vicky taught me how to order:
To order spicy ramen just check the box with the chili icon! she tells me
He goes for the signature ramen
Special Boss Ribs Original Ramen
 Buta Ramen's speciality is the Boss Rib Ramen, flame-grilled fall-off-the-bone pork ribs served in a rich, milky Tonkotsu broth.

 enjoying his bowl quietly in a corner
and he will share it later with his wife, so touching and full  of devotion

These are the ramen we had:

Special Boss Ribs Original Ramen (S$13.90)

The only place in Singapore where you can get tender Pork Ribs with your ramen. Our ribs are slow-cooked over 24-hours until the meat falls off the bone. We then glaze it with Yakitori sauce and char it over an open-flame. The boss of all ramen!

Original Chasiu Ramen (S$11.90) 
 Ultra-tender Chasiu that melts in your mouth. We use only the best pork belly and cook it overnight in our unique marinade.

Red Spicy Chasiu Ramen (S$12.90) or Red Spicy Pork Rib Ramen (S$14.90)
Our specially-made Red Spicy Ramen is a big hit with Ramen-lovers who like their soup with a spicy hot punch.

Black Garlic Chasiu Ramen (S$12.90) or Black Spicy Pork Rib Ramen (S$14.90)
Black Garlic is one of our founder’s personal favourite. The aromas of charred garlic steeped in Japanese sesame oil is hard to resist.

My spicy ramen!

we also tried the dried ramen only S9.90!

Our latest offering, Black Garlic Dry Ramen! It's a delicious 

dry ramen that's tossed with our special black garlic oil 

sauce. Served with flamed-grilled pork belly, seaweed,

marinated eggs and bamboo. Now on promotion at $9.90!

It is also open for takeaway

 Look at our satisfied faces and happy tummies!
3 things that Sandy likes:
One: slurping (really loudly) a bowl of piping hot ramen noodles.
Two: munching on a pork rib that’s so tender that meat falls off the bone.
Three: Smiling from ear to ear...
With compliments to the chef!!!

The happy people behind the successful ramen!

Click here for facebook on Buta Ramen:

Location of Buta Ramen
Buta Ramen
#01-04 Far East Square
Nearest MRT:
Telok Ayer Station
Raffles Place Station
Chinatown Station
Opening Hours
Weekdays: 11.00am - 8.00pm
(Last order at 7.30pm)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

Buta Ramen
You like this.


Step 1: Make your way to China Street and look for a big zebra crossing.
Step 2: Head for a glass-door entrance into Far East Square. Look for Metal Gate (see the pic above).
Step 3: We are located to the left of the air-conditioned alleyway

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