Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No dearth of yee Sang in 2014

Malaysians just LOVE Yee Sang! And I read somewhere that Yee Sang is peculiar only to Malaysia because you cannot find it in any other part of the oreintal world

This is my first yeesang

I love this pic because I am in the centre, and everyone looks happy and no one is blocked!
Nillie took this nice pic of the dish as she sat closest to it.

This is my second yee sang, in Lai Huat, Singapore

I have made a combo picture of the yee sang that we tossed.

My third was from Jenny Wong at our first dance class after CNY

 This is the yee sang that she bought for us
 everything comes in a styrofoam box, down to the condiments
 Fong squeezes the lime on the raw fish slices

 my next was at the Rotary club, ordered from the kopitiam by Alan
 next, was the one from Hee Lai Ton at our "Opening work" party

 Tossing for prosperity again!

 Lastly, Barry the President brought another one for the weekly meeting

 Photos again!
so how many did I have? I lost count!!!

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