Monday, February 10, 2014

Buta Ramen opens in Far East Square, Singapore!!! Spore's only Pork Rib Tonkotsu Ramen Restaurant

(This is a cut-n-paste job from Buta Ramen Facebook and website)

We're opening on Wednesday, 9 October 2013  To 

celebrate, we'll be giving out FREE RAMEN till we run out! 

Just like us on Facebook - Buta Ramen and get your free 


Our address is #01-04 Far East Square. We start at 11am!

The opening day queue snaked all the way....!!!

Sold out! Thanks for your support! We were entirely out of 

Ramen by 1pm.

Our opening day was a big hit! The queue started at 11am and snaked all the way along the corridor. We sold out by 1pm.
We were surprised at the turnout because we only informed everyone two days in advance. Amazing what the web and social media can do!
So sorry to those that missed out. We did give out the specially stamped Buta Ramen cards and those who have it can come back anytime with the card to redeem the FREE Ramen!
We’ve also received some wonderful feedback, thanks to those who took the time from slurping the ramen to fill out the form. We’re always trying to improve our service and food so keep the feedback coming.
Free Ramen Day was a good test of our service and kitchen operations too, a new team needs time to gel and find out how best to work together.
Will there be more free Ramen days? Hmmm… perhaps. Do like us on Facebook and keep updated on the latest going-ons in the Buta Ramen kitchen.


There are two things that bring a smile to our faces.
One: slurping (really loudly) a bowl of piping hot ramen noodles.
Two: munching on a pork rib that’s so tender that meat falls off the bone.R
No point having all the fun to ourselves. So that’s why we created Buta Ramen. Sharing is caring, no?
Buta Ramen is founded by three Singaporean guys – Chris, John and Sandy – who are passionate about eating and cooking and influenced greatly by this new-fangled thing called ‘Modernist Cuisine’.
Our ramen recipe might be steeped in Japanese tradition, but we apply modern cooking approaches to our food. Call it a combination of art and science if you will. Just what do we do? It’s a secret of course! (We like to keep things mysterious).
We’ll be posting updates to promotions, upcoming dishes and seasonal one-off menus on this blog and on our Facebook page. So do check back often.
Buta Ramen can be found at Far East Square, just off China Street in the CBD. We are open weekdays for lunch and dinner. Don’t look for us on the weekends and on public holidays, we’ll be closed.
For media enquiries, please email us: press[at]
Buta Ramen is open weekdays Monday to Friday from 11.00am to 8.00pm. Last orders at 7.30pm. We close on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

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