Tuesday, June 23, 2015

13 June 2015 The Walk to Hotel Furama to jump on the Beach!!!

Ee is taking us to the beach to make the jump!

eh??? hahaha...these are not us lah...we girls are in our 50s and 60s and do not have nubile bodies anymore leh....

Silly us...we hailed 2 taxis to take us to Hotel Furama
but no taxi will take us, so we had to walk!!

 We walked!! Actually the taxi wouldn't take us because Hotel Furama is just opposite our hotel!
Hahaha!! such honest cabbies who did not fleece us tourists and take us in their taxi to a destination that is just across the road!!
 wow, we look  happy even just walking!
 Our Sea Phoenix Hotel from across the road.
 so, we have reached Furama Resort
 It is such a nice hotel and we feel so touristy we took so much photos!!

 This hotel has a beautiful beach frontage.
 and five star we did not stay here, we access the beach from here

 Club 99, a casino that got our gambler wannabe friends hooked..."Look Club 99 Casino", we both sua koo hor?

 Inside also pose
got  coconuts also pose
 I want to pose alone, please stay out of my pic, hehehe..

 Ta da!!! nice or not? our pose?

 the pool...ta da!!!
 infinity pool ta da!! now you can see the sea!!
the beach, the sand, the sun!!! ta da!!!

while we were so caught up with posing, the rest have already gone to beach and have started posing in the round boat.....they are so far off they are tiny specks!!! hahaha!!!

so we ran and caught up with them!!! we are patiently waiting for Ee and her husband to finish taking photos so we can take pics too on the round boat.

 Did I tell you that the temperature was 39 degrees centigrade? And that this is only about 7 0r 8 oclock in the morning? And that we were dressed formally because we wanted to go to the casino afterwards???? hehe!
Everybody got good pictures!!
But not always!! we had to do the jump many times!! either he was not ready or I was not ready!!!

Finally!!! Look at how nicely Dad is jumping????? OMG!!! We are on the threshold of our 60's LOL! We are not young but we can jump!!
see the other jumps here:

and luckily we were early, because after our gruelling photo session where all of us jumped and rowed (pretend rowing lah) the real fsihermen came and rowed the round boat away.

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