Saturday, June 6, 2015

International Ladies Lunch at Tarbush

This lunch on 28 May 2015 was to celebrate Mother's Day...well it may be a bit late, but we had it! At Tarbush, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)
Dress in a Any Shade of Pink

Welcome Drink
Green Salad
Main Course Choice:
Lamb Biryani } Pls state your choice 
Chicken Biryani } of your main course upon RSVP
Shish Tawook }

Hot Beverage

 It serves Indian food

 Green salad 
 starter (chick pead mousse)..Humus
 my main course was lamb with rice


 my Vietnamese (very young) lunch partenr today

her main course was rice with chicken
dessert: Baklava

 with the belly dancer and my Korean friend, Kim

 Chizuko from Japan, Kim's daughter, Indon girl and Kim
 all international ladies
 except me, I am local,,,,the dress coade today is a touch of pink!!
our door gift was an orchid plant, I chose yellow orchids.

 President Neeta
 she got the pot with the most flowers...!!!
 the patron
giving her nice of her to grace our occasion with her presence 

Our group shot with the patron.

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