Friday, June 19, 2015

Danang Last Day

So sad!!! All good things must come to an end....and here we are 
14 June 2015

the end of our wonderful holiday, waiting to check out Huang Linh Hotel

Huang Linh Hotel 
situated along 142 Bach Dang

and check in at Danang Airport

 this is a view of the hotel taken from the can sit at the glassed area waiting for the others to check out...

the vietnamese tea girl is also the receptionist!
 view of the beach opposite the hotel

 old eroded stone sculptures of the bridges
 riverfront promenade but it was too hot for a stroll...temperatures soar at 39 degrees centrigade

before we checked out we walked to the corner streets in search of breakfast because our stay did not include brekkie, just as well, it gave us the chance to immerse ourselves in the local morning street life and sample local fare.

 see, the morning scene is bustling and full of life...this is 6.30 in the morning...bight like midday!!
 lots of bouquets all ready for the day

you would think that some creative florist is responsible for such beautiful work of art...

but no, it is mass produced by aunties and women, all working by the lane

 look at us..looking for breakfast...any roadside stalls? any wanton mee?
 we did not know where to go!!!
 some of our group found a banh minh man selling his banh minh off his bike and they had to buy some!!! delicious!!

banh minh picture from internet
 we finally ended up in Han Market and this woman selling noodles, enticed us with her bowls of mee and yau char kwai

 so many types of chili for one bowl of mee

 the girl just made all the bowls of mee without even us ordering!!! We passed it on!!
this is the noodle soup!!

gosh!! and the best Vietnamese iced coffee!!!
 hmmm good!!! yummy!!!
 so nice to savour our last taste of Vietnamese food!
 must pose with mee and yau char kwai!

 the man with their ban minh!!  Good!!
 (banh minh picture from internet)

 after breakfast got time for shopping!!! this is Han Market after all!!!
 wah... baju galore

 on the way back to hotel...lovely 3D wall mural
 lovely waterfront view

 a last look at the dragon head bridge

 now got to lug our luggage...some have double now. after shopping!!!

 my new bag!!

 boarding the bus...still looking  happy!!!
 hmm....happy memories

 at the airport they also shopped!!

 look at us carrying our new bags, new hats....hahaha!!!


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