Sunday, June 21, 2015

Han Market, Danang

In Danang, we went dining and shopping at Han Market experience you will never forget!!!
Han Market puts all your mainstream market, mega-mall, convenience mart,  pasar malams, pasar pagi, pasar shame, except maybe, well, Pasar ? of Terengganu (let me find the name ah, I have forgotten...I am preAlzheimer case already)..I remember is Pasar Payang of Terengganu, an open air market that can match this maybe

To show you the sheer size and magnificence of the market I have attempted to take panoramic views from my iphone 6
 this picture shows the sweeping vista of the huge market that has an open concept long before Suria KLCC has one
This picture may be a bit cacat or defective as I am still grasping the technique of using the panorama mode on iphone 6 but it manages to capture the effectiveness of the market layout.

this is the outside or facade of the market (pic taken from internet)

below shows the inside as you step in
 The rest of the pictures are from husband's camera, my phone and Poh Yue's camera......
 wow!!!! well stocked with goods ranging from dried produce from the sea to clothes and shoes, bags

 this is the road that shows the market and the bustling sidewalk
 bustling and busy road too, but not as riddled with motorbikes as Ho Chi Min city
 Welcome to Han Market!!!
119 Trần Phú Hải Châu 1 Hải Châu Hải Châu 1 Hải Châu Đà Nẵng Вьетнам, Vietnam

 look at the array of good for sale!
 and the people!!!

the difference here could be: you are not so afraid of pickpockets and bag snatchers as you would be in Kuala Lumpur...sorry!!!...but I am just stating facts!!!

you can even make eye contact with friendly Vietnamese locals and know there is no ulterior motive!

shoes galore! you may not get Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks but you can get a good bargain

NOW!!! Meet the shoppers!
the one in red is the Han market salesgirl, they are friendly that way....
 The serious shoppers!!!
They are so serious, they are given stools to sit on while doing their shopping!
Now, have you ever seen people shopping while sitting down?
you just sit down, and point to what you want,
they will wrap for you
then pay lah, with dong or USD
see?  after getting a packet, she ask for free gifts
and the girl will put some dried sweet fruits in a packet for us to munch!!
the poor salesgirl....she is scratching her head!!
Aye!!! such demanding tourists!!
they drive a hard bargain!
and they want me to convert to dong then to USD!!!

You can choose the material you like, get yourself measured and this tailor will sew it for you on the spot

I decided to finish up my remaining small denominations of dong by getting some fridge magnets to choose?
looks good enough to eat, but they are actually mini resin bowls of the real thing
 while choosing the fridge magnets we decided to take photos..look at the salesgirl in green
 we asked a viet boy to take us, but we were not prepared for the salesgirl to be also posing with us!!! hahaha!!
this is an earlier pic from Chin's camera, they bought a lot dried seafood

Chin's camera also showed the food stalls available...
 You can not go hungry, all sorts of affordable food for you to choose from
Meanwhile, meet the men,,,,,,,, what do they do while waiting for the women???
 wait! patiently!!
our breakfast was also here because it was near the hotel.
and this is the onlly thing I bought from the market, plus a Danang and Japanese Bridge magnets

location of Han Market

  1. Han Market
  2. Store
  3. Address: 119 Trần Phú Hải Châu 1 Hải Châu Hải Châu 1 Hải Châu Đà Nẵng Вьетнам, Vietnam

The above is the location that I got from Google

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