Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bright Days Ahead..... Les Beaux Jours

Laurent Lafitte
A refreshing spin on a May-December romance as a recent retiree Caroline (Fanny Ardant, 8 Women) finds a new lease of life
when she begins a passionate affair with a man decades her junior.
Caroline is struggling with taking to retired life, unable to find an interest in the ceramics and amateur dramatics that her peers at the local seniors club pass time with.
 But when she meets and starts flirting with the club’s computer teacher Julien (Laurent Lafitte, LITTLE WHITE LIES), Caroline discovers a new hobby of her own between the sheets with this carefree ladies man.
With well-observed touches about the ageing process and a knockout lead performance from Ardant, whose Caroline is funny, smart and desirable, this is an enlightening film about new beginnings.

.. a married woman in her 60s (French icon Fanny Ardant) tumbles into an affair with a much younger man. Official Selection, 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.
at the end of the film she goes back to her old husband and we see other oldies shedding their clothes to run towards the spray of the waves and the sea, symbolically shedding inhibitions and being free...,makes me wanna shed my clothes too and run into the FRANCE of course,. not in Malaysia, here I will get caught and get thrown into jail in disgrace and shame.

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