Monday, June 1, 2015

Charter Night Dinner

Did not plan to go to this Charter Night Dinner, But my friend Saw asked me to accompany her so I obliged at the last minute

this is the place:a country club resort and golf course

    It has a photo corner with a nice backdrop so I took the opportunity to pose. my favourite pastime...hehehe

    and so did he...he took a selfie in front of it, I got someone to take for me

     time to go in and make a grand entrance
    and I spotted my friend the membership director, prepping himself for a talk on membership retainment later

     programme for the night: self explanatory!!
     two drinks: tea and juice

      1. Unfortunately, I did not finish the whole course beyond the sharksfin soup
      2. as I had to leave for Batu Pahat that night to visit my brother in hospital.

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