Sunday, June 7, 2015

Versace PreSales

Ponteng Rotary Meeting to accept this invitation...hahaha!!
 I had missed the Rolex Pre Sale, which saw a lot of celebrities (local only lah) making an appearance so I went early hoping to catch a glimpse and rub shoulders

 saw no one of note there, so I tried on some Versace fashion not me!!!

 details of the Versace dress that costs RM3xxx and above....
I look more at home in my Debenham dress that costs RM2xx,
 and even that is free, because I used my vouchers....

Anyway, I had 2 doorgifts to take home as I had RSVPed my daughter too
but she went to Sunway Lagoon to utilise her free tickets
(I am the queen of freebies what)
the ants were making a beeline for the chocs
so I gobbled them up before they did!!!

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