Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Malay Wedding

Went to husband's friend's daughter's wedding at Mewah Club, Kajang
my 3rd time here
First time: same friend's 50th birthday 10 years ago
2nd time for a line dance party
and this time for a wedding.

 card invite.....
 at the club entrance
 so happy to meet his friend the father of the bride who is beaming broadly
 our bunga telur, but no telur (eggs) but some cake, chocs and a Punjabi dessert

 table decor
 food! chicken


 me and my daughter like to coordinate out clothes for Malay wedding!
 so happy to meet his long lost friends!!!
 father of bride feeding groom
 camera man instructs bride to put face on his shoulder to look more involved
 groom feeds F I L
 bride feeds mother

mother feeds bride hehehe
 cameraman gives instructions again to get a meaningful shot

 then we went round taking pics of wedding decor
 flowers feature prominantly, but they were overwhelming!!!

my nice family and our nice clothes!!
bye!!! I love the flowers although they did over power me a little!!!

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