Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Minute shopping at Danang Airport

We are at the lobby of the hotel waiting for the others...
it is our last day and we have already checked out

Vietnamese front desk girl doubles as tea geisha girl....

Waiting area has a view of the road and river front...

 pic from Ee FL
the champion shoppers from the same Hans Market
500 USD for starfish and sea horse!!!!
this is their last minute shopping at the airport!!!

 Look at them go!! She says for USD21 this bag is cheap
 but I do not think so, because, my daughter has lots of these in her room from her last trip to Vietnam so I did not buy
 the men are already at the holding room ready to board
 but Chin says..."Is this bag suitable for me"
 black small floral design
 or big black flower design
 like this?
or like this??????

 Help me choose????

 Ee has earlier bought this AAA grade Burberry

Look! It has an inner matching pouch!!!
I can't show you what they have bought, (and they bought a  LOT) but these are my purchases:

 a USD1 mortar and pestle from Marble Mountain and RM2 choptsticks
Ee was choosing these (2 and 1 US Dollar) so I asked to get me a USD1 one
 a dress from Hans market that I could wear as a teacher, except that I don't go to school anymore!! so I'll cut it into a mini
and Kipling bags...can you see which is original and which isn't?   and 2 fridge magnets to finish up my dongs....

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