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Dragon Bridge and Han River Bridge , Danang

The Dragon Bridge (VietnameseCầu Rồng) is a bridge over the River Hàn at Da NangVietnam.(Wiki)

Look at our picture below:  AWESOME!!! the camera is able to capture the entire dragon shaped bridge from head to toe!!! (tail) 
This modern bridge crosses the Han River at the Le Dinh Duong/Bach Dang traffic circle, providing the shortest road link from the Da Nang International Airport to other main roads in Da Nang city, and a more direct route to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach on the eastern edge of the city. The bridge was designed and built in the shape of a dragon and to breathe fireeach Saturday and Sunday night at 9PM.(Wiki)
Dragon Bridge is 666m long, 37.5m wide and has six lanes for traffic. It opened to traffic on March 29, 2013, at a cost of nearly VND 1.5 trillion dong (US$88m).[2] (Wiki)

Please see also the bridge behind in the above pic...

We stayed right opposite the bridge so it being a Saturday and the last night of our tour, we walked opposite to the promenade early to catch the best spot to view the dragon spouting fire and water.
 this is our hotel, Ee chose this so that we need only to cross over
we met Cheong coming out too, I will be putting up some of her pics too, because she shot hers from a different angle.
we took some self timer shots first
so nice right? the evening was balmy and hot but the place was bustling and so happening
people are all starting to take up vantage points
he has chosen this spot where he can rest his camera to keep it steady
and also it could get the head of the dragon when it spouted fire and water

it was going to be a long wait!!!
meanwhile life was pretty exciting going on mopeds

adults brisk walk
safe for toddlers to perch on railing

next to it is the main street, busy with motorbikers on way home in the after office-rush
see, the promenade is wide, paved, and safe!
wow! lots of shady trees and chairs to lounge around too
meanwhile I show you parts of the dragon, I mean bridge

city landscape
crowd is gathering, both local and tourists

not as crowded as the Shanghai Bund, better too, no shoving and best: no stampede where people die getting trampled underfoot!!!

lining the promenade are shops, bars, and eateries
it is getting dark!!! See the beautiful bridge behind? This is Sam and Stanley
nice shot in front of Brilliant Hotel

It is going to be 9 oclock... are you ready for the fire breathing dragon? he asked Wong
seconds before....beautiful lights

Hàn River bridge (Vietnamesecầu Sông Hàn) is a bridge in Da NangVietnam. Danang lies on the west side of the Hàn River and the beaches are to the east. The Song Han Bridge helps tourists to travel from their hotels to the area's beaches.[1]
In the middle of the night, traffic is stopped from crossing the Song Han Bridge and it swings on its axis to allow shipping traffic to pass along the river. The Song Han Bridge in Danang is a cable-stayed bridge that is lit up brightly at night. The area around the bridge is the location of Da Nang's cultural center. (wiki)
The Song Han Bridge was built by the people of Da Nang. It is the first swing bridge to be built in Vietnam. The bridge is an important part of Danang's cityscape. (wiki)
this cable bridge changes colours

9.00 on the dot!!! We all wait with bated breath!!

BOOM!!! FIRE comes out of the dragon's mouth....a few times in intervals....each puff greater than the previous one.
then it spewed water.....big sprays of water

I heard those who stand at the dragon's head are prepared to get wet!!

Ee and her husband walked all the way to the Dragon's head to get a clear view of the fire feat
see....they are taking the picture of the fire

and of course they got wet from the spray!!

The photos below are from Chin

Then the party started!!! The young ones (Tham and Phebe) changed into clubbing clothes and danced the night away!!

while we, the oldies, sat by the roadside and had coconut drinks to cool off!! hahaha!!!

The next morning the two young ones walked the distance to take photos with the dragon head...VERY NICE HOR???
Chen as usual has the best poses!!

Han River Bridge (Song Han Bridge)
Cầu Sông Hàn
Cau Song Han lit up.JPG
CarriesMotor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
CrossesHan River
LocaleDa NangVietnam
Official nameCầu Sông Hàn
DesignCable-stayed bridgeSwing bridge
Longest span201 meters (659 ft) (x2)
Piers in water1
Clearance below25 meters (82 ft)
Construction begin1997

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    1. Map of dragon bridge vietnam
  1. Dragon Bridge
    Bridge in Vietnam
  2. The Dragon Bridge is a bridge over the River Hàn at Da Nang, Vietnam. Construction of the bridge began on 19 July 2009 when the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung and many high-ranking government ... Wikipedia
  3. Total length2,185' (666 m)
  4. OpenedMarch 29, 2013
  5. Width123' (38 m)
  6. Clearance below23' 0" (7.00 m)

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